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My heritage is not your fetish; the microaggressions I have experienced as a Filipina
May 2023

I will start off with frankness to avoid being accused of hypocrisy. I have a white boyfriend and have had previous relationships with white cis males around my age (keyword, my age). But that shouldn’t take away from the fact that my background as a Filipina has presented me with the microaggressions of creepy old men who thought they could woo me with their whiteness and foreign citizenship. The experiences I have had have most likely been experienced by your Filipina friends, girlfriends, daughters, and neighbours.

Healing through Muay Thai
June 2023

After having trained Jiu Jitsu in my own personal time, I learned that the overall MMA culture is illusively tribe-like. And the primary rule of the MMA gyms? Thou shall not step inside with another gym’s merchandise. And that was exactly what I did coming into the local Calgary gym Muay Thai Fight Club, or MTFC. I had my bright red boxing gloves and shin pads, repping my home gym. They were the only pairs I had as getting new ones was too expensive. I was a little embarrassed having to come to the MTFC turf with my gear to be honest, expecting to be chastised for it.

How being alone is important in overcoming your fears of abandonment
October 2023

It feels like I’ve exhaled a great amount of my old self — the abandoned, the unloved, and the deprived parts of me, when I succumbed to the notion of being alone. It doesn’t happen overnight, and you don’t really notice it, until suddenly, your soul just feels lighter than before. This is how I felt when I finally realized that I wasn’t lonely anymore. Instead, I was alone. And while the word ‘alone’ sounds sad, to me it is solitude.

The holiday season as a 20-something-year-old
December 2023
Co byline with Emma Duke

Preparing for the holidays is both a stressful but relieving feeling—the shopping for gifts, setting up the Christmas tree, the desire to consume lots of cookies and hot chocolate… But for many university students, the holiday season means late nights at the library, highlighting notes, and preparing for final exams. For some students, it also means having to balance working at their part-time jobs throughout the retail ‘black out week’. This in turn means that a lot of university students get to spend less time with their families.

Vaping Supplies
Quitting nic: How I said goodbye to my vape and hi to yarn
March 2024

I remember when I first bought a vape— a pink lemon-flavoured disposable, with 20 mg of nicotine per puff. Never having smoked before, my first puff was barely even considered smoking, inhaling through the mouthpiece and blowing all the nicotine out. “Just keep it in your mouth for a bit,” my friends told me, chuckling at my innocence.

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