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Delos Santos

Based in Calgary, Alberta
Experienced in Journalism and Broadcasting

media, comms & other things


Studio Consultant

Mount Royal University Career Services

May 2023 - Present

My primary role as a Studio Consultant is to help university students build an e-career portfolio that showcases their skills, experiences, and accomplishments. These consultations ensure that students' portfolios effectively communicate their skills and experiences to potential employers by providing feedback and guidance on content and design. Through the consultations, I strive to provide students with the necessary tools to make their portfolio stand out and effectively present their full potential to employers.

Publishing Editor
The Reflector

April 2023 - Present

I oversee the production and distribution of all sections, including News, Features, Arts, and Sports. I lead and delegate team duties to create engaging content for print and digital use, as well as ensuring that each issue is accurate, of high quality, and abides by strict deadlines. To maintain consistency and quality, I review and approve drafts, as well as define publication standards and goals. Additionally, I apply Canadian Press style and ensure satisfactory readability to ensure that all content meets the highest standards of journalism. Before coming into my current role, I was the News Editor for the school year 2022-2023, and the Web Editor for the school years 2021-2022.

Event Coordinator
Badminton Alberta | YONEX Canada Open

May 2023 - July 2023 (Contract)

As the primary Communications and Media Relations liaison for the YONEX Canada Open, my role involved a range of responsibilities. My primary objective was to successfully promote YONEX Canada Open's branding and event through media connections and social media presence. I created and edited content for press releases, and media pitches. Additionally, I coordinate and manage media events, interviews, and photo opportunities for competing Canadian and international players. In ensuring that the event received the best possible media coverage, I built and maintain relationships with journalists and other media contacts. More about my professional achievements with this event can be found here.

Broadcast Media Studies

Mount Royal University
Sept. 2019 - Expected to graduate 2024

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