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gee... where do i start?

The concept of 'lihi' in Filipino folk beliefs is a fascinating one. 'Lihi' refers to the cravings and quirks that pregnant experience which are believed to eventually be linked to the fate and destiny of their unborn child.

When my Mom was pregnant with me, she had her own unique 'lihi'— she told me growing up that I'm destined to be a journalist on TV. She loved and craved the daily news and magazines during her pregnancy. She never forced me to go into broadcasting, she just simply knew.

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Maybe it's motherly intuition, or maybe the concept of 'lihi' is real. Either way, here I am now working towards an industry I am passionate about.


Currently, I am working on finishing my Broadcast Media degree. I am also broadening my communications experience by dipping my toes in public relations.

I always believed in the value of experiencing all opportunities possible— and that's where I saw myself becoming an 'overall media gal'.

Back in 2021, I was one of the recipients of the OMNI TV Scholarships and was featured on OMNI Filipino TV and on Rogers. The scholarship was given to media students who have an interest in third-language journalism.

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Outside of the communications world, you can find me working on perfecting a heel-lock at my jiu-jitsu gym, or sewing fun outfits for our family dog, Panchito.

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phone me: +1 780 799 2890

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